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       Hi, my name is Stan...


Throughout my career as an Graphic Designer, I have built a solid track record of helping companies and organization hatch new brands hone and express their existing brands, and create positive change in the world. I inspire teams, mentor and coach new designers, and develop new business. 

I help clients find the subject and medium that best fits their unique identity, and then I produce high-quality content that meets their objectives. I create immersive design experiences, campaigns, and collateral that communicate the intended marketing message. 

Please note the following highlights from my career… 

  • Improving team productivity by advocating for Adobe Creative Suite software upgrades. 
  • Increasing conversion rate by 38%, decreased bounce rate by 2%, reduced exit rate, and grew engagement and time on page by redesigning the homepage. 
  • In depth knowledge of print production and design principles: typography, type setting, type formatting, grid systems, color management and pre-press standard.
  • Hands-on designer with a strong ability to collaborate and create digital and print design solutions that visually communicate the intended messaging.

Presently with BrickHouse Security, I have enjoyed tremendous success and been acknowledged from my achievements. Currently, I am serving as a Senior Graphic Designer, where my team members know me to be a design expert.



To learn more about my design process and how I create each project, please see the process page.


A little more about my background

Graphic Design is something I grew up with. My father was a designer and photographer, my mother was a computer programer, both of their work influenced me a lot and lead me to where I am now. Ever since I was a child, I always loved to draw and paint. Growing up, I studied art from childhood, to college. While in school, I always tried to take as many art courses as I could. I have always loved to learn and trying to learn something new like ceramics or electronics. In college, I enjoyed learning HTML and CSS, particularly how these technologies can guide the user through my design, brining my work to life. This transformation was huge when I was learning and is now an underlying motivation to continue learning new emerging technologies to better communicate my visual voice.

Today, I still enjoy following trends/styles and learning about emerging technologies, including software and hardware. 

Interests and Hobbies

Illustration, coding, photography, music, travel and hiking are some of my interests and hobbies. Part of what makes my designs unique, is my passion for many disciplines. While hiking and traveling helps me think better and focus as a creative, photography, illustration/drawing help me release creativity and sketch out my design intentions. The process of coding helps me focus and engages the kid in my to play with code to create different functionality for my designs. While listening to music helps be more productive by allowing me to focus on what it is that I'm doing.

Illustrating IP camera functionality for BrickHouse

Illustrating IP camera functionality for BrickHouse


I started drawing from an early age and have established a love for illustration, today it merges with my design through iconography, infographics and diagrams for products and services. I also sketch on paper to produce preliminary ideas for each project. This is usually my first stepping stone before diving into Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign.




Since college, I've found that coding is a natural addition to design, what's more, is that it brings design to life. Allowing user functionality, one can bring a static design to a functioning experience. This gives meaning and ability for a design to be truly interactive. 

Some of my favorite cameras cameras (film and digital)

Some of my favorite cameras cameras (film and digital)


Having grown up with a camera to my eye, it naturally transfers into my profession. I photograph products in a lifestyle/home scenario, talent posing with the product, as well as portraits of in-house staff. In my off-time I enjoy travel and street photography.

Anything 192/24 and above!

Anything 192/24 and above!


Music is something that motivates me and energizes me. It is something that helps me work and concentrate. I both love to listen to music and play my guitar and bass. Being an audiophile, I appreciate the technology behind the music and recording quality. As a musician, I crave to express myself in a different way than visually.

On my way to Mexico

On my way to Mexico


Travel, helps me learn more about culture and places I've never been to. It also inspires me creatively. Every time I travel, I always take some inspiration from the places I visit. I love sharing my photography on Instagram, please visit my page and feel free to follow me. 

Hiking on Pigeon Island, in St.Lucia

Hiking on Pigeon Island, in St.Lucia


Active rest, exercise and hiking help me focus on life goals. They also help me focus on my work and lead a healthier, more creative life. I always find some time during the day to either go for a walk or a hike on the weekend to re-energize my mind and think about my work form a different perspective.


Street and Travel Photography

When enjoying my time-off locally, I love to go for a walk with my camera in on of the greatest cities, NYC. Often-times I get to meet some interesting people and capture a portrait or two, or just document the city life. I like to incorporate the environment in my shots, the city makes for a great stage, no matter which part you are in.

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