Stan Alexander Design


My Process

My process always starts out with research, prior to starting the first sketch/wireframe stage of work. I will search the topic and what it is that I will be designing, keeping in mind all possible expectations from the marketing team and stakeholders. Based on my findings, I begin brainstorming and incorporating my research into my own style of design through visualization and creating preliminary sketches. Before I begin the initial design, I gather any assets that will be required, create any iconography or supporting visual assets such as infographics or illustrations. Once I'm in the design phase, I include all of the ideas and processes above and refine my ideas with variations until I feel it meets all the marketing points. I then share several variation with the stakeholders for collaboration and feedback. The final phase of all my project is to create refinements based on the feedback from marketing managers and stakeholders.



Researching other sites, competitors in the same field and visual styles that can be taken into consideration when creating content.



Layout and come up with several designs that meet the marketing messaging as well as maintain a clean and modern design.



Taking all of the research to sketch and brainstorm various ideas and new ways to incorporate research with my design style.



Submit first design variations to marketing manager and stakeholders to review and voice any concerns for visual and marketing points.

gathering assets.png


Gather all of the assets that will be needed to communicate the intended marketing message. This includes creating custom illustrations.



Refine the design based on feedback and submit for approval - for any creative design solution, print or digital.