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My design process consists of six phases - research, sketch, gather, creation/mockup, collaborate and refine. Within these phases I work on a multitude of concepts and variations based on best practices, collaboration and refinement of visual design incorporating modern aesthetics and the intended marketing message.


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Researching the design projects and determine the phases needed to complete. I search how similar designs were executed by our competition in the same market. I look at the best possible visual styles that can be taken into consideration and how it can be incorporated into my visual style.



From all of the research I begin to sketch and brainstorm various ideas and ways to incorporate design style. I typically start out on paper and pencil in my sketchbook and create some preliminaries in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. 

gathering assets.png


Gathering all of the assets that will be needed to communicate the intended marketing message, requires looking through my extensive library for the right image that I have shot during our life-style photography sessions as well as through Adobe Stock, for the right stock image. This phase sometimes includes sketching out custom illustrations.



During this phase I include all of the marketing information from the creative brief into my design. This step includes mocking-up a layout or the initial design that will be needed for either the digital or the print product. I use the appropriate software based on the project: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.



Sharing all design variations and layouts including the created illustrations, info graphics and icons with the marketing team and stakeholders for review. During this process I work with the marketing team and stakeholders to fine tune the design and get it ready to be published.



During the refine phase any opinions on the design are voiced, and are incorporated. In addition, any additional design tweaks I feel are needed are added. I meticulously look over all the design details and make any final changes prior to publishing the final design. 



Problem & Solution

...what my logo is all about

The idea behind my process and my brand is the problem and the resolution - while moving through the creative process to achieving the right solution. My logo is indicative of this process, the icon is a representation of taking a problem and distilling it into a solution through multiple phases of visualization and execution,  till the design problem becomes a solution.


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